Santa Claus and Lordi in Peace Concert in Rovaniemi to support Ukrainian people

Hard rock star Lordi and Santa Claus participated on Sunday 27.03.2022 in a peace concert in Rovaniemi to support Ukraine under attack. Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus in Finnish Lapland and the home of Finnish rock star Lordi. The concert took place in Lordi Square in Rovaniemi, Finland. The concert place was renamed the Lordi’s Square in June 2006 in honour of Lordi’s victory in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. NOTE: because of the copyright reasons the music of 0min20-1min09 comes from Youtube music library. More about Lordi: . More about Stand with Ukraine Rovaniemi campaign: . More about Rovaniemi, the home of Santa Claus: . Read HERE more about Santatelevision’s support to Ukrainian people.

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